80s Vintage Slouchy Tee

Hi! Hi! HI!!! I’m so excited to share this lil project with you guys, since I’ve been hoarding this Slouchy Tee pattern for months and FINALLY got my ass in gear to make it for V. This will *not* be a tutorial, since this pattern does not belong to me – it DOES belong to the wonderful Maggie at Vagabond Stitch, and I don’t plan on angering her since everything else in her shop is currently in my Etsy cart. HOLLLAAAHHHHH. Okay, I’m done. I told you I was excited. ::shrug:: ::anothershrugwithairhorn::

So, I’m just gonna share a little bit of the process, and mostly photos this time…

First off, if you have any reason or desire to sew quick and easy and super cute clothes for beebs, Vagabond Stitch is the place to go for patterns. After sewing this shirt (YESTERDAY! ALL YESTERDAY! My goal was just to cut the pattern pieces, but huzzah! I am success, embodied!) I definitely have plans to make about 37 more, so I can’t recommend Maggie’s shop enough. Her instructions are so clear and beautiful, including comprehensive measurements, tips for the digital files you receive, and real garment photos, which made this project not only simple but also very enjoyable.

I came upon this stupid-adorable ballerina fabric a few weeks ago at a THRIFT STORE and scooped it right up, with this slouchy tee in mind. Naturally, I did not press it before this photo…

It wasn’t until I did press it that I realized some beautiful creature had hoarded this wonderful fabric away for 33 years, so my little pumpkin beans could deck out in something I would have worn at three years old. Priceless.

Soft. Soooooooo soft.

I was working with this little maroon dash line, since 12-18 months is what I was after. Again, super clear and amazing instructions. This is a perfect project if you are afraid of patterns like I used to be. Ahem.

You so crazy, Swedish Tracing Paper, I think I wanna have yo baby.

[ trace, trace, trace ]

All my pattern pieces are cut!

Measure 239 times, cut once!

The grid of my cutting mat was giving me a special kind of life working with such a specimen of 80s perfection.

Mmmmm… matching front and back.

and then, and then, and then…

Quick break to be a jungle gym.

v patient. v, v patient.


She abandoned her own thread project to tolerate Mom’s fashion show, lol.

She just turned 11 months, but I chose to do the 12-18 month pattern, so her new sweater should fit nicely all throughout the winter! Aaaand now that I know I can knock it out pretty quickly, I’ll make her another one in 9-12 months for Fall.

Cuffed and uncuffed. The bottom hem is straight; that’s just the wave from being hung up. And that’s it! BAM! Slouchy Tee.

I. LOVE. THIS. PATTERN! and can’t wait to make more in other fun fabrics. Again, Vagabond Stitch is where it’s at ❤ Thanks, Maggie!

What are YOUR favorite quick sew projects??


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