Terrazzo Nails

I’ve been on a terrazzo kick lately, so when I had 20 minutes to paint my nails for the third time since this child was born, I thought I’d better do the damn thing. If you’re like, “…Terrazzo? WTH is terrazzo? Mine eyes have never gazed upon such a thing,” you’re like, totally wrong. I’ve seen you down at the courthouse, girl, don’t even play. Most typically seen in flooring, terrazzo is, per Dictionary.com, “flooring material consisting of chips of marble or granite set in concrete and polished to give a smooth surface.”

Now it can be found all over the place in jewelry, shower curtains, and rocking some Jordaches and smoking a real skinny menthol 100 behind the bleachers. Kidding, kidding. Anywho, my old studio floor was a sort of terrazzo linoleum, and I was molto obsessed with it.

For your reference, I have rounded up some tasty terrazzo treats, and they looka lika dees…

mmm yes… come to mama
yes, yes go on…
okay okay stop it’s too much

So while V played Gran Turismo 74 (probably, I dunno) with Dad, I rounded up the usual suspects. Coincidentally, these are also the colors that have been flooding my paintings recently…

Step one is always to chop and file these suckers as short as they’ll go, for all that clay work I’m forever saying I’m about to do, right before I realize the Forensic Files marathon happens like, EVERY day. The process couldn’t be simpler; just start putting random marks on your nails. Any shape will do. I wanted some of them to overlap, so I just waited a couple minutes between adding the next color, and it worked out fine.

To finish it off, I gave the claws a nice buffing with the floor sander double coat of my favorite quick dry stuff, aptly named “Seche Vite,” which I’ve been in love with for several years after a friend’s recommendation (thanks, Holly <3). Et voila! Terrazzo nails! Just enough self care to hold off on that shower for a few more days without looking TOO scandalous. I figure it will wear nicely too, since there’s no base color and the grow out won’t be super obvious. Cash me in three months with the next paint job, fam.

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